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Want a sensible healthy eating plan as opposed to the latest food fad? Unsure of what's worth trying and what's best to steer clear of. Step forward, Diet Debate UK - the diet website with a difference. Unlike other diet websites which only provide run-of-the-mill information, Diet Debate UK provides a free and impartial review of available UK diets. Diet Debate UK also includes a vote poll on each diet review page, to allow every visitor the chance to rate the effectiveness of each diet, giving a useful indication of the best - and worst - weight loss diets. Realistic reviews from real people who've tried it for themselves.

With a website providing excellent, unbiased weight loss diet reviews, Diet Debate doesn't just stop there. It offers concise and easy-to-digest information on the top 10 diets and variety of methods to help you lose weight - for instance, See Yourself Slimmer offers up an image of your future, slimline self! Our Diet Debate Tracker is a free weight loss tool to assist you with your progess and don't forget to keep checking back for our diet forum to be launched very soon. Diet Debate is a brilliant resource to help kickstart your goal of losing weight! So what are you waiting for?

Welcome to Internet Patient Access

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