Our vision: "To transform access to medical care"


What does good access look like?

Measures of access are often based on the Patient Experience Survey.  A random selection of the public is asked, some of whom rarely use the doctor.  Most people put "satisfactory" in most survey responses.

Yet you have an uneasy feeling that all is not well. Anecdotes abound on the difficulties of getting an appointment - many days wait, or a rush at opening time with queues outside or invisibly hanging on the phone.

Patient Access GPs measure their performance in terms of operational data - when does the patient demand come in, and what is the response time?  Median times are normally below one hour, often half an hour.  

This is no accident - it comes from a careful matching of supply and demand.  And with care, any GP practice can do it, saving time for themselves as well as their patients.

Ask your friends, "What happens when you want the doctor?"

Luckily the weather is fine this morning.  The sick people in town have already stood outside this GP practice for half an hour.
All go in the "no waiting room" during a busy surgery at a Patient Access practice.