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Patient Access helps practices transform their service to patients.  We base our work on evidence, and keep it simple.
There are others:  links below are to organisations providing services with a similar aim.  
We take no responsibility for the content of external sites and a listing does not imply endorsement.


Innovation in Healthcare   Ideas and people making a difference throughout health.  Partners of the NHS Alliance.


NHS Institute Productive General Practice https://www.institute.nhs.uk/productive_general_practice/general/productive_general_practice_homepage.html

This NHS Institute programme has a range of over 70 different resources to choose from.


NHS 111 service https://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/AboutNHSservices/Emergencyandurgentcareservices/Pages/NHS-111.aspx

Being piloted in a few areas, due for national rollout, offers immediate telephone service "when it's less urgent than 999".


Productive Primary Care Ltd  https://www.productiveprimarycare.co.uk/   Offers training in the "Dr First" method among other subjects, a partial version of Patient Access.  We are unable to comment on the effectiveness of this method due to a lack of published evidence and case studies.

Dr Stephen Clay is a director, view his presentation of our research at King's Fund on 14/9/11 here, also here at East Midlands on 23/11/11:   How evidence-based GP practice is reducing emergency admissions, downloaded here on 3/2/12.   Dr Clay also presented our research at a Pulse seminar on 31/1/12.  Input the password SS3101 to view, our work from about page 57.

The original material, correctly attributed, is on our research page and elsewhere.


Primary Care Foundation https://www.primarycarefoundation.co.uk/

Material on demand, supply and telephone capacity.  Not in favour of telephone consultation.