Without feedback from precise measurement, invention is doomed to be rare and erratic. William Rosen


Beyond targets

How have access targets affected service? Evidence from A&E

"The NHS will be freed from inefficient micromanagement of meeting targets... and associated performance management bureaucracy."  White paper 12/7/10, p45

“I won’t miss the Government’s interference.  Their targets are not as high as GPs’ own standards.” Dr Tony le Vann, retiring GP, Pulse 24/3/10


Beyond tick-boxes

There is no blueprint or specification for the Patient Access method.  
Situations, patients and staff all vary, and doctors make their own choices on how the principles are adopted and adapted.

We provide know how, and guide you round pitfalls.  We help with measurement, feedback, learning and development.


Beyond top-down "change management"

Patient Access methods have been invented and developed by GPs, and are chosen by GPs on the basis of evidence.

The innovation has spread peer to peer, and will continue to thrive in the same way, through a national forum.  It does not impose a burden of extra work on GPs, but rather lifts the burden of overwork, raising morale and motivation.  For this reason we do not support the use of incentive payments for adopters, but we do need to see disincentives removed.