Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes. Peter Drucker


Patient Access is a system for managing a GP practice

It starts with the patient, who has a medical need.  What is the simplest, most effective way to meet that need?
A GP phone call is the practical first response which has been found to work by dozens of practices.  The idea has been independently invented at least 20 times - the movement was founded to make it available to all practices and CCGs.

An intervention - see our programmes

Tailored to your practice situation, we take you through a structured programme of change.  The five stages are:  consensus, preparation, transition, new routine and review.  We charge a one off package fee, including all on site visits and online support, typically over 8 weeks.  You pay 50% at the start, 50% at the end when you are totally satisfied.
      Avoid the loss of precious months in trial and error - we have learned from many pitfalls and blind alleys, and still learn 
      Secure the benefits in as little as 2-4 weeks after making your decision, and start saving
      Take part in continuing research supervised by the Universities of York and London into the effects of the method in practices and the wider health system.   Why not try our free one day testflight?  Or can you do-it-yourself?

A service

A key part of the intervention is being able to see the effect of change on your practice.  Rapid feedback helps learning, and we build analysis of your operational measures into the process.  Options for ongoing support after a change programme are available for a monthly subscription.  You can see the kind of understanding this gives through one of our case studies.

And a community

Patient Access is growing throughout the UK and as practices go through the change they become part of a learning community. Our conference and forum is to help members develop and improve their service to patients.