Without feedback from precise measurement, invention is doomed to be rare and erratic. William Rosen

Some choose to build their own aircraft...
Others have places to go, and want to get there fast and safely

Can you do-it-yourself?

We publish ample material on how the Patient Access method works, and you may be tempted to have a go yourself.
We have not yet heard of any practice that has had a good outcome from DIY. If you think you have, please get in touch - we will add you in to the community.


But we are aware of several attempts, and some results:
  • Patients and staff happy, but doctors under the cosh
  • Doctors losing sleep and patients grumbling, gave up after 2 months
  • Trying to make it work for 6 months, GPs doing an extra hour every night
Why take the risk with your core service?  Ask us to help and secure these benefits:
  • Know-how from original research and dozens of pioneeering practices
  • Rapid programme of change, with a new routine established in 8 weeks
  • Precise analysis of your data - see the change before & after with ease
You will be surprised how little it costs.  We are of course glad to help if you ask us having started a DIY change, but it can be more difficult and we may charge extra.
We have a choice of programmes to suit you - take a look and please talk to us - free.