Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes. Peter Drucker


Key differences from a "Lean" approach                         We say:


  • Lean was invented in manufacturing and adapted into healthcare
    Beginning with the Toyota car company, Lean has become popular as a world wide movement in manufacturing and has been adapted into other arenas.  In healthcare it has mainly been seen in hospitals, with their larger organisations and more complex processes.


  • Lean looks principally at internal processes
    A lean intervention typically starts with mapping all internal processes, then applying analysis tools to try to reduce waste in "non value adding steps".  All well and good, but it can ignore the most pressing problem, demand.


  • Lean is concerned with tools of standardisation
    Our team has many years of experience in manufacturing and immersion in lean, so the concepts are not alien to us, but their application to health with its infinite variety of patients and their needs is problematic.  The belief that "whatever the problem, 10 minutes face to face with a GP is the answer", epitomises this thinking.


  • Difficult concepts and lengthy implementation lead to low return on investment
    We are not saying that lean is "wrong", simply that with limited resources and little time to learn the finer points of quality function deployment and so on, returns are hard to come by.  If you are considering a lean based intervention, ask for case study evidence of financial savings and performance improvements which would make a difference to your patients.
  • Our method was invented by GPs
    It fits with the needs, scale and professional ethos of primary care.  Its invention at least 20 times independently in the UK bears witness to its power.


  • We look first at patient demand
    We are here to serve patients, and the first task is therefore to understand demand and how to respond.


  • We are concerned with variety
    Patients and their needs are all different all the time, and we want the simplest way to respond every time. If we find a better method, we'll test and adopt it.


  • Investment pays back in weeks
    We value your time and keep things simple.  This means that you are already saving within the 8 week lauch programme, and soon pay back the cost.