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Many practices want to change, but realise they don't have the time, knowledge or capacity to do so.  A fundamental change such as this is not easy, but we make the process straightforward, fast and secure.
Before reaching consensus, partners may want to take a closer look at their own practice performance and the options for change.  We believe this should be well informed with evidence about your demand, flow, waiting times, continuity and patients turned away. All these will change completely.  We collect and analyse the data for you, and survey the readiness of your staff for change. We present to the partners at a Pathfinder meeting (cost £1000 plus travel and VAT, deductible from the programme fee if you proceed).


Our main programme is designed to take you from wherever you are to a new routine. Everything works and everyone enjoys a better working life.  You are in control throughout as we guide you through consensus, preparation, launch day, routine and review.  Data gathering, surveys, analysis and feedback are integral, so that you all know what you want to achieve, and whether you have done it.
The cost is a fixed fee related to practice size, payable half up front and half at the end. The second half is waived if you decide to revert to your previous system.
The programme takes eight weeks, longer if you wish, with launch two to four weeks from the start.  We find that once they have decided, most practices want to move fast.


GPs often want to increase their confidence in telephone consultation through one of our training sessions.  This is delivered on site either by Sally-Anne Pygall, a UK expert on the subject and full time trainer for 4 years with the RCGP and others, or a GP from one of our established practices.  Clinical issues are covered by colleagues working this way all the time, consulting to solve problems for their own patients. The small group format allows you to ask your questions and tailor the session to suit.


A free one day trial allows you to experience a little of what life could be like.
Beware:  a refrain from GPs at the end,  "I wish every day could be like this."


For a lower cost, we can deliver the launch programme remotely.  Everything is the same, except that we run tele-conferences instead of visiting your practice.
We have proven that it works, but inevitably there is a higher risk of things going not quite right.  We are very happy to work with you in this way if minimising cost is your absolute highest priority, or for practical reasons.  However we don't usually recommend it as it's frankly not as much fun for you or for us.


A small number of practices may already operate a stable method based largely on a GP phone call. But the expected savings are not being achieved, or there is frustration among staff and patients, with doctors working as long or longer than before.

For a reduced cost compared with the launch, we visit your practice, listen to what you want to achieve and understand your current system. We undertake a full data analysis, and then work with you on what system changes would enable you to gain the full benefit of the Patient Access method. You make the choices and changes, we run a further data analysis and feed back the effects at a review. Again, payment is half up front and half at the end, typically over four weeks.


We save you precious time, not by turning the handle faster, but designing with you a handle which turns itself.

Available only to practices who have been through our Launch or Accelerator programmes, we help you with further improvements you want to make in your journey.  In more of a consulting role, we apply our extensive knowledge and experience in primary care, with the benefit of outside influences from engineering and lean manufacturing, to develop innovative solutions with you.

Our view is that a drains-up review of everything is unlikely to be cost effective - we look only at the important few areas you choose.  And we do that only after we have worked with you on the core business of serving your patients.