Our vision: "To transform access to medical care"


Our funding        -      Independent social enterprise, GP led






Social Enterprise








GP led

We work with practices, CCGs and other NHS organisations, but we are totally independent.  The Department of Health is fully supportive of our work, but does not fund us or direct us in any way.



A social enterprise is defined as a business with a social object, rather than a commercial object to maximise shareholder profit.  We wear ours on our sleeve:
"To transform access to medical care."


There is no single legal definition of a social enterprise, which can have several forms. Ours is currently a simple limited company, but plans are underway to convert to a CIC, Community Interest Company.  This will enable a larger base of interested people to have a direct role in ownership, with the proper legal safeguards that entails.



Patient Access methods were invented and developed by GPs around the country over a period of at least 12 years, independently.  The national movement came together in 2011, now chaired by Dr Kam Singh, a full time GP partner in Leicestershire.


We believe that an organisation which is professionally led, independent and evidence based is the right structure for creating sustainable change in the NHS.
We are funded through providing high quality services.