Without feedback from precise measurement, invention is doomed to be rare and erratic. William Rosen

Our venue, One Birdcage Walk in Westminster

When Access met Continuity...


Patient Access day 20 June 2023

Proceedings below, click here for speaker details
Our community gathered in Westminster to: 
  • Engage decision makers and influencers on key outcomes
  • Share the latest research from around the country
  • Learn how the the movement is growing
  • Meet like minded practitioners

Who attended?

GPs, PMs, CCG boards, partners, press, all with an interest in transforming access to medical care in the NHS.
Long established, new and enquiring practices. 

The venue

One Birdcage Walk, London SW1H 9JJ, pictured above.
Practices  benefitted first hand from meeting and hearing others who have discovered how in serving patients better they have regained control of the workload.
















 The Thurmaston story, Dr Kam Singh, chairman.

 How a Leicester practice transformed its service and has  continued to improve over a year.  An invention which helped save  more time with added flexibility for patients and doctors.

 How Patient Access is transforming practices:
 Rosmellyn, Penzance    Fremington, N Devon
 The physiology of change.  Harry Longman explores the  evidence in transforming access and continuity.
 Buffet lunch, make new friends and keep the old
Understanding clinical risk and safety  Dr Phil Dommett
Managing high demand and maintaining service  
 Can workload be fairer?  Or is better good enough?
 Research directions: access, continuity, effects and  outcomes.  Current knowledge and new questions.
 The movement:  how do we thrive and grow?
 Closing remarks, refreshments, trains