Without feedback from precise measurement, invention is doomed to be rare and erratic. William Rosen


PA Navigator puts you in control

Practice managers often describe their life as firefighting, never knowing what will happen from day to day and unable to plan ahead with confidence - let alone measure how well they are doing.  Navigator changes all that with data derived from your clinical system. Our charts are clear and instantly useable, with expert analysis and comment, so that you can base your actions on knowledge.
What matters to patients?
Rapid access to my own GP.  So we measure for you the response time in days and in minutes.  We measure your continuity, what chance a patient has of seeing the same doctor every trip.  One practice has achieved 80%, many are showing a rise.
Understanding demand
Seeing the pattern of demand by week, by day and by hour is crucial to planning your capacity and responding rapidly.  Our Loadmaster chart makes it all so easy. Over time, we know that the key to reducing demand is response and continuity.
Managing capacity and flow
Watching demand for trends, showing DNAs, waiting times in surgery, tracking the duration of consultations, conversion from phone to face to face, all make a difference to how the system works.  Simple in principle, you need precise diagnostics to make it all sing.  Comparing your practice with others allows us to advise on what changes would benefit you, and then see the outcomes
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3 months is included in the launch programme: see the effect in our case studies.
Patients benefit from launch day, here week 16, April 2012.

Loadmaster takes the guesswork out of rota planning

PA Navigator is provided by Health Measures Ltd