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High A&E usage is linked with poor access in primary care.  These GPs are different.

How could a simple innovation, low cost, low risk, existing technology, scalable, trialable, sustainable and proven, help the NHS face these three challenges? 
1.  How to turn round the growth in A&E attendances and emergency admissions. See our research pages
Evidence of 20% lower A&E attendance from 350,000 patients


2.  How to ensure rapid access for patients to primary care
Time to contact your GP falls from days to minutes.


3.  How to enhance quality of care alongside quality of life?
GPs have developed and chosen Patient Access to improve their working lives and offer a better service to patients. 


A summary of what this means is here.
See practice case studies on how fast things can change.
Find out today how we help your practices: our programmes.
How do we stop the demand at source?