Chief Executive

Harry Longman

An engineer by training, Harry founded Patient Access with the GP inventors of the method in 2011. With interests in research, analysis and systems design, he is fascinated by how things work.

He indulges in mud sports like fellrunning and growing vegetables in funny shapes.



Clinical Advisor

Steve Laitner

Steve is a General Practitioner with a background in public health and clinical leadership, including recent experience with QIPP Right Care and the Accountable Lead Provider model of care.

He now works as both GP and freelance health consultant. Steve’s clinical expertise and special interest in demand management and patient access bring a unique perspective to our team.



Dr Kam Singh

Kam is a GP Partner at Thurmaston Health Centre in Leicester, which launched PA’s model of telephone consultation in July, 2011. Since then Kam has been a vocal proponent of the PA change programme.

One year after launching Kam published an article in Pulse to tell how their team improved access for patients and saved  £90k a year by making the change.


Operations Manager

Connie Lord

Connie has managed healthcare projects here and in America. The Lords moved to the UK in 2001 for their church ministry. A consummate problem-solver and innovator, Connie thrives on detail and believes in the value of questioning things.

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. -Mark Twain


Training Partners

Meena Modi

Meena has a background in Business Development, having previously run her own Occupational Health business for 10 years. She has a passion for growing and developing business ideas and enjoys customer relations and communications.

Spare time activities include theatre, reading autobiographies, yoga and travel.


Nicci Iacovou

Nicci has extensive experience in healthcare as a people developer, facilitator, researcher and educator/ trainer. An energetic and strategic thinker, she specialises and excels in helping people manage change while learning new skills.

In her spare time Nicci enjoys gardening and cooking, especially experimenting with creating new recipes.


Jo Newton

Jo lives in Herefordshire and directs her own consulting business. She has a wide range of experience in private, public and voluntary sectors from senior roles in marketing and customer strategy to various NHS and community chair opportunities.

Jo is married with four children, so family activities take up much of her free time!


Thoreya Swage    

Thoreya has a passion for primary care development.  A doctor by profession, she now runs her own healthcare consultancy, applying ‘outside the box’ thinking to a wide range of expertise in commissioning, clinical governance, service reviews, training and education.

In her spare time, Thoreya is a keen ballet dancer and loves travelling to Greece.


Bill Howlett    

A chemist, Bill has been a Medical Rep for pharmaceutical companies and has worked in  business development for private healthcare. He is now enjoying the freedom and challenges of freelance consulting.

A dedicated family man, Bill finds time to follow Liverpool, his boyhood football club, and enjoys Ceroc dancing, pub quizzing, golf, collecting music and attending the odd concert.