Accelerator - when work is a drag

Everyone is involved in change

You’ve read all the material and you’ve changed your system.  GPs are responding to all or most patient demand with a phone call, and you think it should be working as the case studies promise.  You came here by some other route or perhaps a DIY implementation, but for whatever reason it’s a drag.

A number of practices have asked us to help, and we can.  The symptoms are usually overwork, going home late or having to pay for extra sessions.  There may be many unhappy patients, and a falling list size is a sign of trouble.  But overwork is a bit like chronic headaches - correct diagnosis is likely to need examination and tests.  We’ve worked with dozens of practices, we know the kinds of things which go wrong and we have proven methods of finding them and helping you put them right.

It doesn’t end with testing.  You need to know what to change and have the courage to do so.  You need to see the results fast, to understand what’s working and why.  We tailor our Accelerator programme to each practice but a typical outline is:

  • 6 months history analysed with Navigator
  • One week online data capture through Datalog
  • A simple staff and leadership survey
  • Capacity and demand planning with Loadmaster
  • A meeting with you to discuss the results and agree what to change
  • Support through change, feedback and review over 12 weeks

The cost depends on practice size and the level of support needed, but is small compared with the benefits to be gained.

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