What every patient wants: "Rapid access to my own GP"


We help practices solve the problem of access and continuity, for good.

90% of patient contacts with the NHS are in primary care.  We focus on the 90%.


Invented by GPs, now serving over 500,000 people, every episode starts with the GP phoning the patient.


For patients, there is a new promise of rapid access to your own GP. While this may seem an impossible dream, for a growing number it is now a daily reality. See our patients' pages to learn how this works
For GPs we have a question:  "How can we help all our patients, all day, every day?" Most practices running a traditional appointment system cannot answer, though many have tried.  This innovation, by GPs, has been found to work sustainably and offer not only outstanding service to patients but also enhance the professional role of GPs.  And it saves time. We have shown that this works across the spectrum from Cotswold villages to sink estates.  In some areas it is tougher for the doctors in the early weeks, but all have come through and find the ability to answer the question is liberating.
Go straight to an outline of our launch programme to find out how we can help, read case studies, or dig deeper into  our research papers.
If your focus is on commissioning you are facing the need to cut costs and reduce emergency demand.  Our evidence shows 20% lower A&E demand, and we can help.


5 min BBC film   ...   GPs and PMs talk about their work

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