11/1/12 Same day GP consultations by phone in successful trial - Scotsman

Dr Jon Turvill pictured at Harbours speaking to a patient. Positive results, where next in Lothian?
20/12/12 “GP, phone home”. HSJ covers St Levan

Dr Hilary Neve and Liz Brimacombe tell their story of change from crunch in 2008, now transformed and winning awards.
22/11/12 GPs’ award for Patient Access

St Levan Plymouth win HSJ award for Acute and Primary Care Innovation. Well deserved, saving NHS £25k pa.

‘Judges said that this was a “simple and elegant” solutions to a widely experienced problem and the surgery was given the award on behalf of all Patient Access members”
21/11/12 The Elms Liverpool and their new system

For Dr Chris Peterson “The sustainability of Patient Access lies in the control regained by the practice.”
27/10/12 St Levan Plymouth finalists for 2 awards

Plymouth Herald highlights the practice on its way to awards finals, and local NHS says it is saving them £25,000 pa.
27/9/12 Groby Road launch in Leicester Mercury

Great story from Cathy Buss featuring the practice and Dr Paul Danaher, preparing for 1st October launch.
25/9/12 Management in Practice, London conference

Dr Simon Coupe on access and continuity at Stour Surgery and the link to 20% lower secondary care use
7/9/12 Councillor welcomes first Scottish Patient Access practices

The Harbours in Cockenzie and Wester Hailes, Edinburgh are the first, on 24/9/12, welcomed by local councillor
27/6/12 Pulse Today, How we saved £90,000 a year

Dr Kam Singh explains the story of change at Thurmaston, from the need to do something to serve patients
8/5/12 Deloitte report, Primary Care today and tomorrow

Concludes that general practice needs to work differently. Quotes our research pp 16-17, more to add.
17/4/12 BMJ International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare Paris 2012

2700 delegates from around the world, comparing health systems and presenting research. Our poster on the link
23/3/12 Pulse Learning, Ten tips for telephone consultation (search “patient access”)

Dr Lisa Horman gives her clinical experience from eight years using and developing the system. 1hr CPD
6/2/12 Radio 4 “You and Yours” talks to Dr Kam Singh, Harry Longman and patients

Scroll forward to 26 minutes for a feature interview with patients, then studio discussion with Dr Mike Smith
25/1/12 GP online, GP call backs solve DNA problems

80% fall in DNAs demonstrated after Patient Access system adopted, and sustained. Thurmaston, Leicester
17/1/12 Pulse: practice cost savings made through Patient Access

Dr Kam Singh explains how freeing up doctor sessions translates into lower costs.
10/1/12 HSJ: Research links GP phone calls with lower A&E demand

And the story of research leading to the formation of Patient Access. Subscriber link above. See here on our site
17/12/11 NHS Alliance conference workshop

Dr Washik Parkar and Harry Longman talk about principles and practice
2/11/11 Pulsetoday: QOF to link pay to A&E attendance

Controversial, yes, but it’s a lot simpler. Have a meeting, write reports, get points. Simon Coupe comments.
17/10/11 Leicester Mercury: “Phone consultations to prevent A&E trips.”

Health Correspondent Cathy Buss visits Thurmaston Health Centre in Leicester and reports on how it works
10/10/11 Pulsetoday: “GPs hail ‘staggering’ success of new access model”

Mentions the research base, interviews Simon Coupe and Harry Longman, and Professor Chris Salisbury for critique.
1/9/11 Commissioning Excellence: “DOCTOR ON CALL – how phone response
may cut A&E costs and boost productivity”

Chris Mahony centres the piece on research into the link between rapid access and lower A&E attendances.
1/9/11 Manchester Hospitals chairman’s bulletin. Also referred in hesmagazine.
18/8/11 Daily Mail: Patients must talk to GP on phone… Washik Parkar explains