Continuity matters to GPs too

We hear lots about how patients value the relationship with their GP, and how often they find it difficult to get an appointment with their preferred GP.  Putting up with a long wait, often a week or two, may be acceptable but if the trade off is more anxiety then many will see someone else, […]

Access to GPs is not the same as opening hours

We are going to see a royal punch up over the GP hours proposal.  Yes, access to GPs is often difficult - if it’s not difficult for you, then ask some friends.  And yes, GPs work very hard and often long hours, and they really are more fed up than for a long time.  With […]

Patients - please feed back

We welcome feedback from patients, both from those registered at practices who share our principles and methods, and others who may want to know more or who have a problem with their own practice where it may at times be difficult to see a GP. Please post your comment or question below.  These are moderated […]

£240m for online access to GPs. That’ll fix it.

The DH has announced £240m for online access to GP appointments, repeat prescriptions and patient records.  This will be match funded by other providers, so the figure could be doubled, but let’s stick to £240m for the sake of argument. Why?  Do we see marchers in the streets demanding online access to their GP?  Is […]

In Wales, Dr Heather Potter tells of real change even into winter pressures

  “We have zero continuity.  I don’t know how to help patients frustrated with not being able to see the same doctor.”  Heather Potter’s passion for her patients comes through in every conversation, but that was April. When I called last week the change since we first talked was astonishing.  ”Getting continuity with the patients means […]

Why we don’t need rules on ward staffing levels

Point one:  you may not like this blog.  If this is you, read on. Point two:  I’m no expert on nurse staffing levels in hospitals. Cries of “Shame!” go up all over the media on the failure of Professor Don Berwick to state minimum nurse staffing levels on wards.  Here’s why I think he’s right. […]

NHS England reviews incentives, rewards and sanctions, but misses the point

  NHS England has released a discussion document on incentives, rewards and sanctions.  Here’s my open response: Dear NHS England review, Two contradictory messages shine through your document.  The first is that the system of incentives, rewards and sanctions is problematic, complicated, causing perverse outcomes and not fit for purpose.  The second is that the system […]

Why no inspection & failure regime can save NHS

We have a new robust inspection regime from today, and we’ve just had another list of failures, sorry “special measures”, for 11 unfortunate hospitals.  That leaves 93% of hospitals breathing a sigh of relief, and I’d bet a good 93% of the people in the 11 are doing a good job, feeling a lot worse […]

Clarendon case study wins poster prize at SAPC annual conference

  Over the last three days Nottingham has hosted the annual scientific meeting of the Society for Academic Primary Care. With 130 posters submitted, we were delighted to be awarded the poster prize.  Click on the link for the full version in pdf: Access & Continuity transform patient service in Salford GP Clarendon is in […]

A&E has a mountain to climb - but which one?

Jeremy Hunt complains that all the inspectors can do is tell him which hospitals are failing, and are no help in finding the good ones.  Help is at hand Mr Hunt. We have been out climbing mountains, and while some were shrouded in mist and darkness, we have seen from their heights a vision of […]