"Happy staff make happy patients" Angela Coulter


Changing the face of primary care

90% of patient contacts with the NHS are in primary care.  We focus on the 90%.


Invented by GPs, now serving over 400,000 people, every episode starts with the GP phoning the patient.


Patients speak to their own GP usually within the hour. Satisfaction rises as they rediscover a service shaped around their needs: visits to A&E are lower by 1 in 5.
GPs find that they only need to see 1 in 3.  Stress is reduced, time saved for the patients in most need.  Doctors say they regain control of their work, while costs fall.
Commissioners are facing the need to improve access, cut costs, and meet their QIPP challenge to reduce emergency demand.   Based on the evidence, we can help.


How?  Click for a 5 minute film.  The evidence?  Here

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Dr Chandler returns her patient's call

"What seems to be the problem?"

"Doctor, I just needed to ask you..."