Patients - this is for you

Patient Access was formed in 2011 with the simple vision, “To transform access to medical care”.

It wasn’t just a feeling that “something must be done”, but was based on an innovation by GPs dating back over ten years.  They wanted to help patients faster, more easily and achieve a higher standard of care and at the same time reduce stress and create a better working life.

The idea is simple:  the GP phones all the patients who ask for medical help, and together they decide what to do.  If the doctor needs to see you, an appointment can be made the same day, but very often they can solve the problem with advice over the phone.

1.  You phone the surgery

2.  The doctor calls you - usually within an hour

3.  You can be seen as needed - and will always be offered a same day appointment

Because it is so efficient, patients can be spoken to and seen much faster than in a traditional practice, and we know patients rate this very highly.  In our patient surveys a large majority say the new system is better.  Our research has shown that with such speedy access, many patients who would have suffered in silence or gone to A&E, are instead speaking to their doctor and receiving first class service from someone who knows them personally.

In most surgeries you can ask to see a particular doctor if that is important to you.  If you are coming back for another question about a current episode, you should ask for a doctor by name.  Otherwise there is no need.  With advancing age, patients are more concerned with who they see and it’s important for the doctors too, so we help both sides do what they want to do.

You are welcome to comment on the system on our Patient feedback page.  After all, we are here for the sake of patients.