Access to GPs is not the same as opening hours

We are going to see a royal punch up over the GP hours proposal.  Yes, access to GPs is often difficult - if it’s not difficult for you, then ask some friends.  And yes, GPs work very hard and often long hours, and they really are more fed up than for a long time.  With […]

Patients - please feed back

We welcome feedback from patients, both from those registered at practices who share our principles and methods, and others who may want to know more or who have a problem with their own practice where it may at times be difficult to see a GP. Please post your comment or question below.  These are moderated […]

Our policy on work with the NHS

NHS organisations are increasingly interested in our work, particularly based on the evidence that it is linked with lower A&E demand.  We have set out the general terms on which we wish to help.  Our vision “To transform access to medical care” guides the policy. 1.  We welcome the support of NHS bodies for practices […]