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11/1/12 Same day GP consultations by phone in successful trial - Scotsman

Dr Jon Turvill pictured at Harbours speaking to a patient.  Positive results, where next in Lothian?

20/12/12 "GP, phone home".  HSJ covers St Levan

Dr Hilary Neve and Liz Brimacombe tell their story of change from crunch in 2008, now transformed and winning awards.

22/11/12 GPs' award for Patient Access

St Levan Plymouth win HSJ award for Acute and Primary Care Innovation.  Well deserved, saving NHS £25k pa.

'Judges said that this was a "simple and elegant" solutions to a widely experienced problem and the surgery was given the award on behalf of all Patient Access members"

21/11/12 The Elms Liverpool and their new system

For Dr Chris Peterson "The sustainability of Patient Access lies in the control regained by the practice.”

27/10/12 St Levan Plymouth finalists for 2 awards

Plymouth Herald highlights the practice on its way to awards finals, and local NHS says it is saving them £25,000 pa.

27/9/12 Groby Road launch in Leicester Mercury

Great story from Cathy Buss featuring the practice and Dr Paul Danaher, preparing for 1st October launch.

25/9/12 Management in Practice, London conference

Dr Simon Coupe on access and continuity at Stour Surgery and the link to 20% lower secondary care use

7/9/12 Councillor welcomes first Scottish Patient Access practices

The Harbours in Cockenzie and Wester Hailes, Edinburgh are the first, on 24/9/12, welcomed by local councillor

27/6/12 Pulse Today, How we saved £90,000 a year

Dr Kam Singh explains the story of change at Thurmaston, from the need to do something to serve patients

8/5/12 Deloitte report, Primary Care today and tomorrow

Concludes that general practice needs to work differently. Quotes our research pp 16-17, more to add.

17/4/12 BMJ International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare Paris 2012

2700 delegates from around the world, comparing health systems and presenting research.  Our poster on the link

23/3/12 Pulse Learning, Ten tips for telephone consultation (search "patient access")

Dr Lisa Horman gives her clinical experience from eight years using and developing the system. 1hr CPD

6/2/12 Radio 4 "You and Yours" talks to Dr Kam Singh, Harry Longman and patients

Scroll forward to 26 minutes for a feature interview with patients, then studio discussion with Dr Mike Smith

25/1/12 GP online, GP call backs solve DNA problems

80% fall in DNAs demonstrated after Patient Access system adopted, and sustained.  Thurmaston, Leicester

17/1/12 Pulse: practice cost savings made through Patient Access

Dr Kam Singh explains how freeing up doctor sessions translates into lower costs.

10/1/12 HSJ: Research links GP phone calls with lower A&E demand 

And the story of research leading to the formation of Patient Access.  Subscriber link above.  See here on our site

17/12/11  NHS Alliance conference workshop

Dr Washik Parkar and Harry Longman talk about principles and practice

2/11/11 Pulsetoday: QOF to link pay to A&E attendance

Controversial, yes, but it's a lot simpler.  Have a meeting, write reports, get points.  Simon Coupe comments.

17/10/11 Leicester Mercury: "Phone consultations to prevent A&E trips."

Health Correspondent Cathy Buss visits Thurmaston Health Centre in Leicester and reports on how it works

10/10/11 Pulsetoday: "GPs hail 'staggering' success of new access model"

Mentions the research base, interviews Simon Coupe and Harry Longman, and Professor Chris Salisbury for critique.

1/9/11 Commissioning Excellence: "DOCTOR ON CALL – how phone response
may cut A&E costs and boost productivity"

Chris Mahony centres the piece on research into the link between rapid access and lower A&E attendances.

1/9/11 Manchester Hospitals chairman's bulletin.  Also referred in hesmagazine.
18/8/11 Daily Mail: Patients must talk to GP on phone... Washik Parkar explains

NHS Alliance

21-22 November, Bournemouth

Meet our team at the speed dating event and hear Dr Simon Coupe at breakfast on 22nd November


RCGP conference 3/10/12

See our poster "Access & Continuity go hand in hand" 
in the partner SAPC conference


Commissioning Show

27-28th June 2012

Dr Simon Coupe's presentation on 28/6
On video
Slides: Access & Continuity - the impact on secondary care
Explains how over 11 years experience have enabled Stour to show 80% continuity and the lowest OP and emergency referrals in the locality


Paris International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare


2700 delegates from 70 countries came together. Our well received poster presentation shows the benefits of a rapid GP callback for patients, doctors and the NHS.