Ready to make the change?

Precise understanding of demand, with qualitative patient and staff surveys, enable you to tailor the principles to your surgery and the unique challenges you face.

How do we help?

  • We guide you through our proven 5 stages to a new working system:
            Consensus of partners - usually through the Pathfinder programme
            Preparation for whole staff team, your systems and patients (the leaflet is highly effective)
            Launch Day when everything changes and you need the reassurance that it’s working
    iiiiii   Routine - most support is needed after launch as problems arise and need rapid, expert attention
            Review at the end of 8 weeks - the change is fully and objectively evaluated, with surveys of your staff and patients.
  • We are available to all your staff throughout the programme, by email and telephone and through our online resources
  • We can recommend others for in depth clinical training in telephone consulting, and for receptionists.
  • 3 months subscription to our Navigator suite:  measurement, feedback and advice to address problems as they arise and embed continuous improvement.  See what practices have achieved over time on the case studies page.

We guide, enable and support, but we do not make decisions for you and cannot lead.  You lead.

How much will it cost?

A fixed fee based on practice size, plus travel and VAT. Please contact us for a quote.  If you have done the Pathfinder programme and launch within 6 weeks, £1,000 is credited.

How long will it take?

Eight to twelve weeks, with the Launch date two to four weeks from the start. We find that once they have decided, most practices want to move fast.

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