Our Programmes and Services

Our programmes start where you are, and are tailored to your practice as every one is different.  But with our well proven method, you can have confidence in the outcome.

Pathfinder - for informed consensus on changing your system, allowing partners to discuss the options with the benefit of precise knowledge on current practice performance.

Launch  means a whole system change, completed, working and evaluated over 12 weeks.

Navigator  is our unique analysis suite which puts you in control with data drawn remotely from your clinical system.  It is included in our programmes above and can also be purchased standalone by subscription.

Accelerator - for practices already operating a largely GP led phone first system.  Sometimes people have come to this idea through another route or have tried a DIY implementation, but problems arise and the workload can seem impossible.  We have helped a number quickly through diagnosis to a solution which has lifted the burden and given fresh hope.  The programme is tailored individually to the pracice.

For more information and advice on our programmes and services, contact us.