Without feedback from precise measurement, invention is doomed to be rare and erratic. William Rosen

Thurmaston Health Centre
Wester Hailes, Edinburgh

Practice Case Studies - look, no targets

Around the UK a diverse range of practices are finding their working lives are transformed, with benefits for patients and staff.  Some are profiled below, others feature in our research and posters.  All have come through our launch programme and answered the question, "How can we help all our patients, all day, every day?"


Thurmaston near Leicester  Suburban practice, 6,400 patients, launched 25/7/11.
Dr Kam Singh comments, "Patient Access has given me a new lease of life". New data shows CCG savings.  See Kam's Pulse article - how we saved £90,000 a year 


The Elms, Liverpool  Inner city practice, 8,500 patients, launched 16/4/12, words and pictures. Dr Chris Peterson, also Liverpool CCG Urgent Care Lead, says "The sustainability of Patient Access lies in the control regained by the practice.  We are now saving £37k pa in GP session time, game changing for us."
New: How GP rapid response is converting to 40% below average A&E


Wester Hailes, Edinburgh  "Deep End" practice of 6,700 with one of the UK's most deprived populations, launched 24/9/12.  Dr Peter Cairns can say of the first two months, "For the first time ever, we have met all our patients demands, all day."


Oak Tree Health Centre, Didcot  Oxford commuter town, 8,300 patients, families. Launched 25/6/12.  Business Manager Mark Dalling urges "Get the basics in place, launch quickly, and then adapt and refine as you go".


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