Our vision: "To transform access to medical care"

"He's not been his normal self for three days now."

Rapid access to your own GP.

Already over 500,000 patients enjoy this new kind of service from their doctor.  If you are not yet one of them, you are welcome to pass on the details, as it helps doctors too.


How it works for you the patient:

  1. You need the doctor for a medical problem and call the surgery.  Any time they are open, no need to rush at 8.30.
  2. Reception may ask you what is the problem, which is confidential but very helpful to the doctor.
  3. The doctor will call you back as soon as possible, usually well under an hour, or later on request.
  4. The doctor will advise the best course of action.  If you need to come in, you can usually ask for the same day.

Radio 4 "You & Yours" takes a look: 

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