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We've found that it works for any doctor in any practice

Time saving:

Within a month, we were generating free doctor sessions.
It's given me a new lease of life.

Dr Kam Singh, Leicester,  changed July 2011

Risk reducing:

Because we have eliminated the barrier to appointments, and have total control of which patients we bring in, we know we are seeing quickest those that need us most.

Dr Phil Dommett, Falmouth, changed March 2003

Continuity building:

Your patients do not phone an anonymous helpline, with no knowledge of their history.  They speak with you directly.  Some practices use a personal list system, some a combined list, both work equally well. Poster on higher continuity


80% drop in waiting days to see GP - mostly same day
80% drop in DNAs.  Yet dealing with more demand. 
Read the Oak Tree case study Cornish town, 11,200 list.
More case studies from around the UK
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