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Your questions answered...

Note: only some surgeries offer this service.  If yours doesn't, but you like the sound of it, put them in touch.

1. Why does the doctor always phone us first?

Our aim is to put you in touch with the doctor as soon as possible.  We have found that the simplest way to do this is with a phone call.  Often the matter can be dealt with over the phone, saving you a trip.

2.  How soon will the doctor phone?

We try to phone as soon as possible, so please don't go out when expecting a call.  The actual time depends on the volume of demand coming in, but usually this is within an hour of your call, most often sooner.

3.  What if I'm at work?  I can only take calls in breaks.

Please explain this to the receptionist.  We will do our best to phone at a convenient time.  Employers welcome the system, as matters can often be dealt with over the phone which saves you missing several hours for an appointment.

4.  What is the best time to call the surgery?

You can call at any time we are open for normal business.  There is no need to call when the lines open at 8.30.  You will get exactly the same service at any time of day.  If your call is non urgent, eg for test results, please call after about 11am or in the afternoon when it is usually quieter.

5.  When will I see the doctor if I need to come in?

The doctor will offer you a choice.  Most patients want to come in on the same day, but you can say a later date and book ahead for a day to suit you.

"Can you please explain my test results?"
"Thanks for calling me doctor.  I didn't want to leave the shop"