Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes. Peter Drucker

We love what we do.

What managers say about Patient Access 

I get a feeling of lift every day I come to work
I used to have two thick piles of complaints to deal with. One from people who couldn't get an appointment for weeks, the other from people who couldn't get through on the phone.
Now, nothing. 
We just laughed the whole time as we tried new things.
The stress has just gone away.  We still get crises, but I can cope with them better now.  We can react to patient demand, and my team is happier so they will respond.
Any patients who weren't happy, I sat down and listened, and explained one to one.  Now they love it - even my aunty.
Our list size increases steadily, which signifies that we have a good reputation locally.
We have improved our working conditions.  We are less grumpy and patient satisfaction has improved as a result.
There is no way we are going back to the old system