Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes. Peter Drucker


Our vision:  "To transform access to medical care

for the good of patients, doctors and the NHS"

Patient Access is a social enterprise, formed in 2011 from a community of over forty GP practices around England.  They wanted to develop and make known their discovery of a better way to provide access for patients to GPs.  A directory of practices is available from the office.    Read how we are established and funded.


While independent, we work with NHS organisations for their benefit, as well as for patients, GPs and practice staff.  Read how we work to help new practices.


Our steering group of GPs and practice managers is chaired by
Dr Kam Singh of Thurmaston Health Centre near Leicester.  A number of experienced GPs including Dr Lisa Horman train others in clinical telephone consulting skills.


Harry Longman is the chief executive.  An engineer by background, he led research while working in the NHS which uncovered the benefits gained by the inventors and early adopters of the access method.  He then brought the practices together, leading to a conference sponsored by the Department of Health in June 2011, and the mandate for a social enterprise.


We are a member of the NHS Alliance and the European Forum for Primary Care.




Our work:


of the method of access, through the community and shared learning.



for the benefit of others, locally and nationally.



to deepen the evidence base on which our method is built.  We work with the University of York, Health Sciences, where HL is visiting research fellow,
with the University of London, and with practices doing research on the ground.